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Lead-Acid Batteries

We carry three different brands to meet the needs and budgets of our customers in the best possible way. They all offer very good value for money and no matter which brand you pick you will always get:


  • A coated acid proof tray with no drainage – longer tray life and protecting the equipment from current leaks

  • No drainage hole in the tray – no work environment hazards or damaged equipment because of leaking acid

  • DIN standard trays with correct thickness and reinforcements according to specifications – safer operations

  • Correct minimum battery weights – no equipment tipping over because of too low counter weight

  • Bolted connectors – easy and cost efficient maintenance and service


The best batteries on the market in energy efficiency and cell design, resulting in lower energy bills, lower battery temperatures and longer battery lifetime.

Flex Battery 2.png

A good value for money battery for customers not wanting to invest in a European battery but still wanting good quality and bolted connectors for easy service.


Long established brand for motive  batteries in Thailand. Manufactured in Europe, India and China. Can also provide heavy duty and zero maintenance cells.

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