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Battery Monitoring & IoT


A perfect tool for big battery fleets, especially if you are providing rentals, to monitor usage (and abuse), plan replacements, and adapt the fleet to the real usage.


The BMU from Micropower provides monitoring for your entire battery fleet. The small and compact design makes it easy to mount and install on the battery and lasts for the battery’s entire lifetime. The BMU measures current, voltage, voltage balance between cell groups, temperature and electrolyte level. The temperature monitoring is a mandatory input to the charger for fast and opportunity charging. By monitoring the battery, the best suited battery for the daily operations can easily be selected, optimizing the daily routine thus reducing time and costs.

micropower bmu-ny-fit-375x375_edited.png


When used with any Micropower Access charger the BMU handles the configuration of the charger directly. The BMU indicates the charging capacity as well as cycle life – providing businesses with information for efficient and long-term usage of batteries. The BMU creates statistical information, that are accessible wirelessly from the BMU mobile application through Android phones or the Access Service Tool which can easily be connected to any PC. The collected data can be downloaded and transformed into graphs and used battery fleet planning.

Together with the GET System you can detect issues and deviations in an instant, monitor, optimize usage and operational quality. Most Micropower devices are compatible with the GET system. The data they collect is processed and turned into insights and features, helping our customers lower their costs and increase efficiency. The insights and features from the GET System can be accessed from our web portal and also through API:s making it possible to seamlessly integrate them with your systems. The GET System can also integrate with external sources, bringing added value to our customers. The GET System is constantly evolving with several releases each year, and Micropower put a lot of efforts in building the best and most intuitive user experience on the market. Contact us for more information!

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