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We are more than products!

Capaciton offers an array of services, ranging from education and planning to maintenance and repair. We regard good and proactive service as a key factor for our success and for the prosperity of our customers. You, as our customers, should always be able to trust that we are there for you - putting our best efforts into every situation.


One of our specialities is battery rooms and changing (or avoiding changing through zero change solutions). Contact us if you want to assess your battery or charging situation.

For any service request or issue, please send an email to:

Battery Rooms

Complete solutions! Make sure to get us onboard early if you are renovating or building a new battery room but also if you are making changes to your operations leading to changes in the number of batteries or how often you need to change them. 

Preventive Maintenance

Be pro-active! Next to buying a quality product to begin with preventive maintenance is the main key to avoid downtime and to ensure a long lifetime for your equipment.

Assessment & Planning

Get the right equipment! It’s not easy to know how many batteries you need, what charger capacity is required, if fast charging would be suitable for your operation or if the new fleet fits in the existing battery room.

Service & Repair

Keep your equipment running! We are here to service you, should you have a breakdown. We do service and repair work on batteries of all brands and chargers from Micropower, where we are the SEA regional service hub, and Atib.


We like educated customers! We put strong emphasis on sharing our extensive knowledge. Well educated users that understand why and how to take care of batteries and chargers can mean a lot in prolonging the lifetime of the equipment. An educated customer will also make a better informed purchase decision, understanding and looking at total and long term costs.​

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