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Battery Chargers

Capaciton is carrying a complete portfolio of chargers, from high-quaility traditional 50Hz chargers to modern high-frequency chargers, and special versions with high IP-classification or specially designed for lithium batteries.


With Atib's 50Hz Series 3 ADVANCED chargers we can offer very affordable, high quality Italian made efficient 1-phase and 3-phase conventional 50Hz chargers, with IP20 protection as standard (IP55 as an option) for those situations where a HF charger is not suitable.


Atib produces high quality HF chargers that provide excellent value for money and this is the product we normally recommend for applications in Thailand. The chargers have been extensively tested in Thai climate to make sure they can withstand the hot and humid climate. Atib's chargers cover the whole field, both regarding voltage and charging capacity. We have invested in special training regarding service and repair of Atib chargers and any issue is normally resolved with a short response time

Micropower Lion Charger.png
Micropower HF

Micropower is a very competent company when it comes to chargers and charging technologies, with a very long track record in Thailand, with many satisfied customers. Product reliability is high, and the chargers are amongst the most energy efficient on the market.


The chargers can be combined with battery monitors, BMUs, for optimized charging. We can also supply the special range LION chargers for lithium batteries.


In collaboration with Micropower we can provide special solutions, e.g. opportunity and fast charging, and we have experience from implenation in Thailand.


We are also a regional service center for Micropower in South East Asia, with specially trained technicians and we keep common spare parts in stock.

TCE NEOS Charger MOD 3C_edited.png
TCE SXE 50HZ Charger_edited.png
TCE IP67 HF Chargers

With the IP67 classified NEOS HF chargers from TCE, you get a very small and simply indestructable charger. The ease of use, smart features, and high resistance makes it the best choice for any type of charge.

TCE 50Hz

With TCE's 50Hz SE and SXE chargers we can offer a very affordable, high quality Italian made efficient conventional 3-phase 50Hz charger, for those situations where a HF charger is not suitable.


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