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If you are serious about an efficient battery fleet!

Capaciton is a Thai-Swedish supplier on the Thai market, and our goal is to be the leading local product and service provider within motive power. Our extensive knowledge about batteries and charging in combination with our product portfolio makes us a good partner for anyone interested in efficient and economical high quality products that will last long, and have low maintenance and operational costs. We are working very closely with a broad portfolio of suppliers to be able to offer our customers an unrivaled portfolio that meets the needs of both local and international customers on the Thai market.


We have chosen to focus on energy and cost efficient products that make the smallest possible environmental imprint. This is the reason why:


  • our efficient high frequency chargers reduce electricity consumption by up to 30%

  • our battery trays are sealed and powder coated to prevent acid leakage and other incidents

  • our efficient deionizers allows the production of high quality battery water at site


We regard product sales as also being a service and our service commitment is to make sure that you get the most efficient solutions adapted to your specific circumstances.


From Capaciton you buy a function and a commitment, just not a product or a service. Never hesitate to contact us!


K. Atikom


"We are specialized in our field and have a very strong product portfolio, and the right team to support our customers, to make sure that we can offer the best value for money solution to all kinds of operations. We make sure that our customers get the most suitable products for their operations. The choice of e.g. which charger to buy is dependent on budget, needed charging times, heat, space and environmental policy. Contact us for a free consultation and survey!"


K. Johan


"I have been working with forklifts and batteries in Thailand for the last 15 years, and before that I worked with forklifts in Sweden, so I have extensive experience in this field. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most suitable products for their operations. In this business there is no such thing as "one-size-fits-all". The more we know about our customers, the more suitable solutions we can provide. We always offer a free on-site assessment. Just give us a call or send an e-mail."

K. Add


"I am supervising our service team and I have been working with Capaciton for the last 15 years. Me and my team take great pride in having happy customers, and we put a lot of effort into our preventive maintenance helping our customers getting as long life as possible from our products, but also to reduce downtime by having well maintained equipment. I also have special training for charger repairs, and I have been certified by ATIB after training in Italy."


K. Apichat


"After sales support and service as a very serious matter. Selling a product or a service to a customer is only the first step in a long relationship where we make sure that the customers get what they are paying for. After sales is not only about service and repairs but also about following up and training to make sure that the customer is using the product in the correct way, to prolong life time and minimize risks of accidents and break downs."

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