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Atib 50Hz Chargers


Together with our close partner Atib in Italy we can offer a full range of 50 Hz conventional chargers made in Europe. We have focused on the Series 3 ADVANCED model but we can also offer Series 2 BASIC and Series 5 TOP. With the Series 3 ADVANCED you get a very qualified and sturdy 50 Hz charger at a very competitive price. We have full technical support from Atib and our technicians have recieved special training at Atib's factory in Italy. Atib's 50Hz chargers are of world standard and are used by many OEMs in Europe.


Atib can further provide specially designed chargers outside the standard range, e.g. for unusual voltage or applications.


Through Atib we can also provide battery dischargers (DDL) and service chargers like the desulphation charger (HRC-3) and fully programmable multi volt and ampere chargers (MTD).

ATIB 50Hz FAST Series
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