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Atib HF Chargers


Together with our close partner Atib in Italy we can offer a full range of European made high frequency (HF) chargers, which offer very good value for money. The chargers have been adapted and modified to withstand the hot and humid climate in South-East Asia. We have full technical support from Atib and our technicians have received special training at Atib's factory in Italy. Atib's HF chargers are of world standard with a very robust metal shell and ventilation inlets on the sides to protect the electronics from dust and water. The chargers are very efficient and compared to a standard unregulated 50Hz charger you can save 30% on the electricity bill, at the same time as the batteries consume less water and are kept cooler - which is very good as heat is the battery's worst enemy.


Atib can further provide chargers outside the standard range, e.g. for unusual voltage or for a special application. We have e.g. supplied a customer with 96V 170A chargers for 96V 1000Ah batteries.


Through Atib we can also provide battery dischargers (DDL), service chargers like the de-sulphation charger (HRC-3) and fully programmable multi volt and ampere chargers (MTD).

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