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Poseidon Battery Water

Make your own high quality battery water!

High quality battery water is a key factor for prolonging the lifetime of your batteries. Bad water, especially if you are using conventional 50Hz chargers which "boils" away a lot of water when charging - which means that big quantities have to be filled up, can quickly destroy also a high quality battery. With a deionizer you can produce high quality battery water from tap water without any energy consumption - you simply have to replace the filter once in a while, depending on how much water you use and the quality of the tap water. By producing the battery water at site you also make sure that water is always available and you avoid transporting water -thereby helping our environment.


We have designed, and are also manufacturing our own battery water deionizer. It comes in two models - Poseidon TWO (with a wall mounted tank, a tank on a stand or a tank with pump) and Poseidon X3 for smaller sites (with or without tank). Both are equipped with easy to read water quality meters, telling you when it is time to change the filter.

A Poseidon deinozer together with a high quality German single point filling system from BFS is the best way to ensure that your batteries are correctly filled up with good battery water - prolonging the lifetime of your batteries and ensuring a good work environment!

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