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FLEX Lead-Acid Batteries


With FLEX we are bringing a traction battery to the market that represents good value for money for customers not wanting to invest in a European 1500-cycle battery. Even in a hot climate, and with daily use, FLEX should under normal circumstances give at least 3 years lifetime.


It is also one of the few low cost batteries on the market that are equipped with bolted inter-cell connectors and take-off cables, instead of soldered. With bolted connectors service is both easier and quicker. There is no risk that the connectors crack which is quite common with soldered connectors in heavy use. The connectors are well insulated minimizing the risk for short circuits.


FLEX does of course come with European standard trays for a safer work environment. The trays are sealed, and also coated to avoid current leaking into the MHE. This also substantially prolongs the lifetime of the trays. As an option the trays can be spray coated to reduce cost.


Further, all FLEX batteries are manufactured according to European standards for tray dimensions and enforcements (including steel thickness), and MHE required minimum - and maximum - battery weights.


We keep many cell types in stock and delivery times for most non-stock cell types are normally only 5-6 weeks. Cells come in both DIN and BS/JS standards.

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