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EnerSys Lead-Acid Batteries

Capaciton is an authorized distributor for EnerSys Motive Power in Thailand. EnerSys produces many motive power brands – including Hawker, Fiamm, Ironclad, and GB. On the Thai market we historically used EnerSys Fiamm imported from Germany brand but due to a change in EnerSys global brand strategy, the focus is now on the Hawker brand. The Hawker batteries, which used to be European made only, are now produced in EnerSys global factories in China, India or Europe. What you get with a genuine Hawker Perfect Plus battery from Capaciton is e.g:


  • A robust design enabling up to 1,500 cycles also in our hot climate – low long-term cost

  • A coated acid proof tray with no drainage – long life and protecting the equipment from current leaks

  • No drainage hole in the tray – no work environment hazards or damaged equipment because of leaking acid

  • DIN standard trays with correct thickness and reinforcements according to manufacturers specifications – safe operations

  • Correct minimum battery weights – no equipment tipping over because of too low counter weight

  • Bolted connectors – easy and cost efficient maintenance and service


We have chosen to focus on the Perfect Plus cell as we believe it currently represents the best value for money in EnerSys portfolio, and it's also for most operations the most suitable cell for the Thai market. As an authorized distributor we can of course provide access to EnerSys whole motive power portfolio, including Hawker XFC, EnerSys Ironclad, and EnerSys Powerbloc,


Capaciton is your gateway to EnerSys whole portfolio of motive power products!

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