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Eternity Lead-Acid Batteries

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With an extensive product range available Eternity Technologies prides itself on world-class product design, production processes, technical development, cost structure and global location.


Eternity Technologies have brought together the latest manufacturing processes and modern design criteria to deliver the Eternity Technologies Motive Long Life range, designed to meet the ever changing demands of the Global Motive Power market.


Eternity Technologies offer a wide range of high performance batteries for the Motive Power industry. The range includes Long Life, Low Maintenance, Maintenance Free, QUASAR & Mining batteries.

  • High density tubular plate

  • Microporous polyethylene separator design delivers increased acid volumes

  • Industry leading negative plate design

  • Non-woven, high-capacity polyester gauntlet

  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing washer utilised for leak free sealing of the termina

  • Rigid polypropylene prism to collect dislodged active material preventing bottom edge shorts


We keep many cell types in stock and delivery times for most non-stock cell types are normally only 5-6 weeks. Cells come in both DIN and BS/JS standards.

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