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Micropower HF Chargers


Micropower's robust high quality products are found in many countries around the world, and are produced in Sweden and Finland. The product range today consists of only modern high-frequency HF chargers, which are some of the most energy efficient on the market, and Micropower collaborates with the main battery manufacturers in developing optimal charging curves for their different batteries.


Besides the standard range, Micropower develops chargers in small series for special applications including AGV systems, but they also make chargers for the most diverse areas, such as an amusement park in Japan, a gold mine in China and a shrimp trawler in the North Sea. Micropower also has chargers for military use. 


The chargers can be used for practically any brand, type or size of battery. The entire product range is CE-marked and some types are UL-marked. Some charger models can be delivered with IP65+ classification.

In collaboration with Micropower we can also offer the newly developed LION charger for lithium batteries, and also the modular LIONBRIX lithium battery solution.

Micropower-Lion 50-lithium battery charg

SHARP is an energy-efficient high frequency battery charger. It is a regulated, primary switched charger with charging curves that suit most battery types and applications. The charging process is optimized so that the battery is fully charged in the shortest time possible, with as low water consumption and wear on the battery as possible. Many of the Sharp chargers are a perfect choice for on-board charging, and some models are IP65 classified.

ACCESS chargers from Micropower provide you with powerful and energy efficient battery charging. The modern state of the art MOSFET power conversion circuit efficiently and accurately converts AC power to the proper DC power levels required to charge different kinds of industrial batteries. The Access charger can be set to perform both conventional charging and various levels of opportunity charging. There are several different charging curves available, such as for ionic mixing and opportunity charging, pre-programmed into the Access charger.

LION chargers from Micropower are generic chargers for lithium battery applications, and can be adapted to most brands of lithium batteries, with, or without, CANBUS communication. It comes in a wide currency range from 24V to 120V, and of provides you with powerful and energy efficient battery, charging up to 400A in standard setups.

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